Download ITunes All Version For Mac OS

- July 27, 2017

ITunes for Mac OS Download. Here you will find all the versions of iTunes running on Windows 32bits and 64bits, as well as those for Mac. All links point directly to Apple's servers so one of them no longer works, this is beyond our control. You will find the latest version at the beginning of the list in each section.

Download ITunes All Version For Mac Os

ITunes is a proprietary playback and management software for digital multimedia library distributed free of charge by Apple. It is officially available on Mac OS X, Windows, and can run on GNU Linux by emulation.

ITunes handles music, photo and video transfers on various Apple multimedia devices: iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. It is also a streaming software, which allows to listen to radios of the whole world broadcast continuously by the Internet.

Download ITunes For Mac OS

ITunes is a software from Apple Inc. Which can play, organize and purchase songs (from the iTunes Store). ITunes can also be used to manage content on iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. IOS users use iTunes to download apps from the App Store. This software is available in a working version using Mac OS X, Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems. Previous iTunes versions can also run on Mac OS 9 but Apple is no longer providing them. This device has earned a reputation for being easy to use and its excellent song organization.

Download ITunes All Version For Mac Os:

1. Download ITunes 7 For Mac Os

Download ITunes 7 For Mac Os

2. Download ITunes 8 For Mac Os

3. Download ITunes 9 For Mac Os

4. Download ITunes 10 For Mac Os

5. Download ITunes 11 For Mac Os

6. Download ITunes 12 For Mac Os


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